Blogtober 2021!

I didn’t do Blogtober in 2020, but I did attempt it in 2019. I’m not aiming to post every day, as that is just slightly too much pressure to put on myself! But what I am going to do is look at different prompts and inspirations, and go from there. I’ll aim to post a bit more frequently than usual, while also keeping up with reviews and such too.

And of course, I’ll link back to any prompt lists I do use for this, too. Because I’m sort of going to be using different ones, if you’re using any for your own blog, please do let me know!

So, I just wanted to explain things here before October 1st, specifically that no, I’m not going for every single day. As much as I would like to have daily blog posts, time is lacking! And yes, I’ll be pinching bits and pieces from here and there, depending on what catches my eye.

So happy Blogtober everyone – if you’re doing it this year, please let me know, and I hope you enjoy whatever I manage to come up with for this month!

I’d also recommend checking out Divination Hollow all month long as we have some really fun stuff there for October, from our regular team and our guest contributors!

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