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Elle is a creative writer whose work spans across multiple genres including dark fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi as well as non-fiction essays and articles

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Elle is an avid reader since childhood. She’s hard pressed to find a genre she doesn’t like, but her favorites include Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-fi as well as Contemporary Fiction.

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Elle is a Book Blogger on her own personal site, and also a part of the Dead Head Reviews team.


Graphic Novel Review: The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 1: The Faust Act

by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Illustrations), Matt Wilson (Colorist), Calyton CowlesPublisher: Image ComicsFormat: PaperbackGenre: Urban FantasyRelease Date: November 12th, 2014Goodreads Rating: 5/5 Stars How have I not read this any earlier? I am the type of person who avoids looking too much into things before selecting something to read. I enjoy reading reviews, but whenContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 1: The Faust Act”

Book Review: Knock Down Dragon Out by Krystal Shannan

Publisher: KS PublishingFormat: ebookRelease Date: April 26th, 2018Genre: Paranormal RomanceGoodreads Rating: 3/5 Stars A variety of factors have meant I’ve been able to read more Romance recently, which is great. It’s a genre I truly love, but as I’m still relatively new, it means I’m in the process of learning what I like and don’tContinue reading “Book Review: Knock Down Dragon Out by Krystal Shannan”


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Writer, reader, gamer, geek.
Can usually be found hunched over a laptop, or curled up with a book. Will read anything.
Has been writing since acquiring the ability to hold a pen, entertaining family members with stories written on post-it notes, then entertaining a teacher with tales of worlds full of Pokemon.
Studied Creative Writing at University of Hull. Hopes to one day fulfil the dream of being able to write full time.

Elle Turpitt

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