About & Publications

Elle Turpitt – Writer, reader, gamer, geek. Can usually be found hunched over a laptop, or curled up with a book. Will read anything. Has been writing since acquiring the ability to hold a pen, entertaining family members with stories written on post-it notes, then entertaining a teacher with tales of worlds full of Pokemon. Studied Creative Writing at University of Hull. Hopes to one day fulfil the dream of being able to write full time.

Elle currently works as a beta reader through Fiverr, though many have suggested the service is more akin to editing. She hopes to complete an editing qualification soon, and is currently a contributor and copy editor for Dead Head Reviews.

Twitter – @elleturpitt

Amazon Author Page

Published Works

Read Online/Digitally

The Mountain’s Reach – CommuterLit [Free to read]

Night Of The Loving Dead – Audio

Some Other – Page & Spine [Free to read]

Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology Serieslust

Dying of the Light –  Wrath – Amazon – UK – Amazon – US

Ashworth Manor – Avarice – Amazon – UK – Amazon – US

Nina And The Raging Hormone Buffet – Lust – Amazon UK – Amazon US

Fantasia Divinity Anthologies

The Most Valuable Possession – Out Of Your Shadow – Amazon UK – Amazon US

curse of the godsWorshipped – Curse of the Gods – Amazon UK – Amazon US


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