A Change Of Tack For Blogtober

If you’ve been following my blogtober posts, you might have come to the same conclusion as I have. There’s no way I’m going to catch up at this point. I was hoping to get a few new posts out this week, but honestly, I’ve been so swamped with other stuff, stressed about various things, blogging sunk to the bottom of my priority list, especially with how much I was struggling with the next few posts.

Blogging for me is to get my words out there, hopefully entertain a few people, and enjoy it. At this point, I don’t want it to be stressful, there’s enough going on with that already.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to skip a few days, here and there, and post with the prompts I find interesting or where I feel I have something to say. If, doing this, I do catch up, I’ll stick to the remaining prompts as closely as I can, or at least come up with alternatives.

So yeah, that’s what’s happening. And hopefully, as we enter the last few days of Spooky Season, you enjoy my last few posts.


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