Blogtober Day 11: Where To Go For Horror

As we’re nestled quite nicely into October, I expect there’s a few people who don’t normally pick up Horror who are looking to do so, or who might be interested in seeing what’s going on with Horror during this most spooky time of the year. I’ve spoken quite often of my involvement in Divination Hollow, and see below for what you can expect on the site through this month, but I also wanted to talk about some other excellent Horror websites people might find useful.

Divination Hollow

Twitter & Instagram: @DivinationBlog

This month on Divination Hollow we’re having a Halloween Party, highlighting content from films and books to crafts and other activities for kids and adults alike. Horror is, after all, for all ages. And if you have children or not, you’re bound to find something on there this month to help keep you entertained over the Halloween period!

Ginger Nuts of Horror

Twitter: @GNutsofHorror

Not only is Jim – who runs the site – an excellent guy, who puts a lot of hard work into GN, but the site itself is fantastic. It really does have everything you’re looking for if you’re interested in the genre, from reviews to interviews, well established names and those on the up. There’s plenty of there for Young Adults and Adults, and you really could spend hours just browsing through the site to see what takes your fancy.

Sci-Fi & Scary

Twitter & Instagram: @scifiandscary

The fantastic crew over at SF&S bring you reviews of films and books across, well Sci-Fi and Horror, but they keep their ideas broad, and more than once I’ve decided to read/watch or not based on their opinions. Really great stuff here.

Kendall Reviews

Twitter: @gjkendall

Another website you could spend hours exploring. Kendall Reviews has so much, including plenty of archives to dig into and excellent reviews, interviews and news, mainly focused on books. Definitely worth checking out prior to picking up your next horror book.

Ladies of Horror Fiction

Twitter: @lohfiction / Instagram: ladiesofhorrorfiction

LOHF are a fantastic resource for books by women in horror. They’ve got a directory, reviews, spotlights, news for new releases, and they also host readathons, not to mention the podcast. It’s a website you really should check out, and you’ll definitely be left wanting more. Plus, they’re also an all round great group of people!

Others to Check Out

Fright Girl Summer / Dark Dispatch

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