Blogmas Day 13 – Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Winter 2022-2023 To-Read List

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

I really like looking at my TBR and planning ahead. As I mentioned before, it’s only recently I’ve really started doing these, but it’s proven useful in keeping me focused. Some months I can get through a few, others not so much, and I have been really swamped recently, so I’m hoping through December and January I can read more and clear a few more NetGalley books.

Winter 2022-2023 TBR

Usually I start my TBR with upcoming releases, but towards the end of the year I’m usually trying to clear a few Christmas books and start on my reading for Divination Hollow events (with February being Black History Month and March as Women in Horror Month), so these first three are ones I want to read before Christmas if I can –

The Sh!te Before Christmas by Serena Terry / The Naughty or Nice Clause by Kate Callaghan / The Gingerbread Cafe by Anita Faulkner

I think next November I’m going to focus on my Christmas backlog, as it’s beginning to build up a little now! But I am really hoping to read at least one of these before the Big Day, as well as finish the Naughty or Nice Regency Romance Christmas anthology I’m still in the midst of.

As mentioned above, there’s a few books I want to read specifically for some upcoming DHR events, and I do want to try and read at least one arc before it’s released, and these include –

No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull / Such a Pretty Smile by Kristi DeMeester / The Daughters of Madurai by Rajasree Variyar

These are the books I’ll be focusing on post-Christmas, and I’m really hopeful I can read at least two of them. They are sound really intriguing and I can’t wait to dive into them.

Normally I also try and include physical books here, but I barely made a dent in Welsh Gothic and I think that’s going to take me a fair while longer to read, so I’m going to continue to focus on NetGalley books and see if I can’t make a fair dent in them over winter.

The World We Make by N.K. Jemisin / Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste / The Once and Future Sex by Eleanor Janega

I really really want to read these books relatively soon, and am definitely hoping I get a chance to in the New Year. Expect them to keep popping up on these lists if I don’t!

This is normally where I’d pick out a book I’ve purchased or got via means outside of NetGalley, but they’re going to have to wait even longer! Since I didn’t do so great with NetGalley November, I think I want to focus on getting that down a bit more. So the final book on my list for books I’d like to read soon is –

A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson

You know when you have a book you’re really excited by and keep going to read it but then some reason comes up why you can’t just yet so it keeps getting shifted back and back and then you come across it, remember it, and get annoyed you haven’t read it yet? That’s me with this one. Hopefully, maybe, possibly soon! Because my God this just sounds so bloody good, I can’t wait to sink my teeth in (definitely pun intended)

So there’s my very hopeful winter TBR! Let’s hope I can clear at least some of these. And let me know what you’re planning to read over the next few months too.


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