Blogtober Day 2: October Releases

Blogtober Day Two

Day One: Spooky TBR

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Confession: I am not great at keeping up with what’s coming out at any given time. This is mainly because I can’t afford to buy new books, and I have such a big TBR I try to add to it as little as possible. I do keep an eye out for anticipated releases, but often don’t know about them until right before release date. I very rarely pre-order books (though I have started doing so more recently, and trying to keep up with authors doing events in the local area, so I am getting better).

So in this post, I’m going to talk about three books I’ve already had the privilege of reading, that are either out (but released earlier this month) or are due out soon. And they’re all horror, so definitely consider these if you’re looking for some great Halloween reads.

Midnight In The Graveyard

Edited By: Kenneth W. Cain

Release Date: October 1st

midnight in the graveyard

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An anthology of ghost stories, with some of the strongest emerging names in horror. Some of these stories will leave you feeling creeped out and looking over your shoulder, others will fill you with warmth on cold autumn afternoons. Highly recommended from me.

The Festering Ones

S.H. Cooper

Release Date: October 4th

the festering ones

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Check out that epic cover and tell me you don’t want to read this novella, about a woman who goes searching for the truth behind her father’s death. Gripping, eerie, tense, featuring monsters, cults, and otherworldly gods, this is definitely one horror fans should check out.

Grind Your Bones To Dust

Nicholas Day

Release Date: October 10th

grind your bones

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This book is eerie as anything, with twisted monsters and even more twisted people contained in its pages. The writing is beautiful and almost lyrical, contrasted with the actual events of the novel and the characters explored. Throughout, Day doesn’t let up, tugging the reader along on a journey that will leave them breathless.

Three October releases, three perfect reads for spooky season. Definitely check them out, though maybe don’t read them too late at night in a house all by yourself.



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