When Punk Rocked – Andy Francis [Books]

When Punk Rocked

Genre: Non-Fiction – History – Reference
Publisher: Wymer Publishing

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

This book gets 5 Stars because it does exactly what it needs to, and presents information in a fun but informative way and what else could you really ask for from a reference book?

This is another book I picked up for research purposes, and it’s very useful for anyone interested in Punk at the end of the 70s into the early 80s.

It’s essentially a timeline, presented in a really easy to digest way, decorated with posters, photographs, article extracts and ticket stubs around the actually dates and events. The timeline itself covers record and single releases for various punk bands, memorable/important gigs, events such as band members being arrested, and key events in Britain at that time.

They all weave together to build an image of the UK at the time when punk was king, and without overloading the reader with details, it presents the unrest and uncertainty from that time along with the key moments in punk rock.

It’s a really useful book, in a fun, accessible layout, and if you’re looking for a timeline for this period, or have an interest in punk, it’s worth getting hold of.

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