Preludes & Nocturnes – The Sandman, Volume 1 [Books]

Preludes and Nocturnes

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Vertigo

Rating: starstarstarstarstar

I kind of knew I would like this, having heard about the series for years and years and years and only just getting around to picking it up, but I don’t think I ever really realised just how much I would like it.

In an attempt to capture Death, a group instead summon Dream, preventing him from accessing his realm and stripping him of his power. Sleeping sicknesses and strange nightmares plague humanity, until decades later Dream is released, with one goal in mind: revenge. But first he must retrieve his various tools.

In this first volume, Dream descends into Hell, teams up with John Constantine, and finds himself battling against a madman from Arkham Asylum.

Although I knew Sandman was connected to DC, I didn’t expect the crossovers that take place in this. Which was a nice surprise, to be honest. It’s an intriguing way of tying in the world, and giving it a strange sense of grounding.

The overall story is enthralling and intriguing and kept me on my toes throughout, wondering how the events were going to play out. The first issue is a little daunting, and does introduce a lot of characters and situations that are never really touched on again (not in the first volume, anyway) but once Dream escapes and it all kicks off, things move at a faster pace.

And of course, the artwork is absolutely stunning. I took my time with each page, carefully going over each panel and enjoying just looking at the images, the construction, the format. When a graphic novel really makes you pause, you know it’s a good one.

This was a lot of fun to read, and I’m glad I finally did check it out. Highly recommend to those interested in graphic novels, though to be honest I’m probably one of the last people to actually read it.

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