Specter – Katie Jane Gallagher [BBNYA – WriteReads Blog Tour]

As part of the BBNYA (more information on that below) panel, I was able to read some really excellent books. One was Specter, by Katie Jane Gallagher, which ultimately ended up finishing 8th. Specter is a YA Horror, with sci-fi elements scattered in, not too dissimilar from Stranger Things in some ways, but a different type of 80s feeling than the homage-filled TV show.

And this is the perfect month for the blog tour of Specter – if you like YA Horror, dealing with ghosts and mysterious government faculties and strong female leads, add this to your Women in Horror Month reading list.

Even as a horror aficionado, Lanie Adams didn’t expect two 80s-era ghosts to appear in her bedroom. 1980s, not 1880s. It’s weird, and though she’s at first intrigued, the experience proves to be more than terrifying, and Lanie realises she has to get to the bottom of the mystery to put these spirits to rest. Along with stoner Ryan, she starts digging into events in the Connecticut town, and discovers a conspiracy.

Lanie was a great character to follow, an introvert who must step out of her comfort zone. As her and Ryan dig deeper, she discovers more about the ghosts and herself. It was a really fun read, with the writing remaining tight and the action really carrying you through.

I really like the interactions Lanie had, both with the ghosts and Ryan, and the way the novel blends Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It was easy to get swept along with the adventure, and it’s one of those stories that has you constantly looking out for what the next twist might be.

The pacing is good, moving briskly along with the events, though there are perhaps too many different ideas crammed in here, all vying for attention. At times, the book does feel a little overloaded, a touch distracting maybe. But we’re soon whisked right back into the story itself, forgetting those distractions and becoming fully engaged once more.

This is a really good YA Fantasy Horror. It’s got a great lead, intriguing story, and enough mystery to keep any reader glued to the pages.

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I received this book to read and review as part of the BBNYA 2020 competition. All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest. 

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