Blogmas Day Four: Festive Films I Want to Watch

I have a confession to make: I have never, ever seen a Hallmark Christmas movie. I know, I know, disgraceful! But maybe it’s because they were never really a thing over here, not like they are in the States, so they weren’t shown on TV? But luckily for me, Netflix seems to have taken over for the quintessential Holiday Romances, and as I should actually be able to sit down and watch some of these films this Christmas, I thought I’d go into what I am hoping to watch!

Last Christmas

I can’t explain why I haven’t seen this one yet – I remember feeling excited when I saw the trailers, thinking it looked like a fun, sweet film, and I do love Emilia Clarke. I’m looking forward to finally getting to this one!

The Princess Switch

How did I not know this existed until this year? AND THERE’S THREE OF THEM? Sign me the hell up! This looks so cheesy and fun, it actually made me excited to discover it was a thing. Definitely one for a proper cozy night in!

The Knight Before Christmas

I know, I know – how the hell did I miss this? It looks so over the top and ridiculous, and I remember really liking the trailer. I’m not sure if at the time, however, I would have been able to fully appreciate it. Maybe this will be the season.

Jingle Jangle

I actually did try and watch this last year, but either my boyfriend wanted to watch something with me, or other things came up, then before I knew it we were well and truly out of the Christmas season and spring was in the air. It felt like a film to watch at Christmas, so I figured I’d wait. And from everything I’ve heard, it’ll be worth the wait, too.

There’s a few others I’d like to see too, and even a glance at Netflix’s Christmas films shows there is a lot on offer! I’m keen to dig in, which is exactly what I’ll be doing this evening, after finishing this.

Are there are any festive films you’d recommend for me this year?

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