Blogmas Day Six: What’s In Your Stocking?

I love stockings. And I miss stockings! It used to be such a joy, waking up on Christmas morning and finding one gently laid on the end of the bed by ‘Santa’ (aka my lovely dad). For me, I couldn’t open my stocking until my brothers were awake (or maybe I could, but I just didn’t want to!) but I could have a little bit of a poke around, until the three of us could open them together. So today I thought it’d be fun to explain what used to be in the stocking, and what I’d love to get in a stocking now!

My dad kind of goes all out at Christmas, and this was especially true when we were kids. We’d go to sleep on Christmas Eve, and wake up to the living room covered in chocolate – wrapping paper on all the surfaces, chocolate placed on this. And, well, some of those chocolates from the stack he’d hidden somewhere would be set aside for our stockings. We always had a packet of Smarties, a Chocolate Orange, a Kinder Egg, and maybe a couple of other sweet/chocolate things that I would undoubtedly eat half of before we had breakfast.

As well as chocolate, we’d have a tangerine included in our stockings. I don’t think any of us actually ever ate them, but they did smell nice!

And of course, a few smaller gifts – small toys or bits of makeup for me later on, lip-gloss and such, little things to unwrap before we got to our main presents in the living room.

As for what a stocking for me now would include, I think it’d be

-Kinder Egg
-Lindt Chocolate
-A book (you could fit in a book into a stocking, right?)
-A mini Funko or Disney Lego blind bag

I think I’d be pretty much happy all day then!

What about you? What would be in your ideal stocking?

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