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I love anthologies. They’re a great way of exploring a particular genre and theme, as well as discovering new authors or just reading a little more from favourite authors. I’m always on the look out for some good anthologies, but today I thought I’d highlight a few of my favourites from recent years.

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow is an anthology of LGBTQIA horror stories, written by LGBTQIA authors and allies. I absolutely loved this book – it was one of the first I read for what would become Divination Hollow, and the stories within span so many different characters, themes and ideas. As I said in my original review – love runs through these pages as much as horror.

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Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron

This was a really fun anthology, blending different genres and voices all centred around witches. Some elements of fantasy and horror, but a lot of really solid stories in what was an excellent anthology.

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A World of Horror

If you are a horror fan, I highly recommend this book. It was sitting on my TBR for way too long before I read it, but once I got stuck in I absolutely loved it. I think a lot of horror is dictated by the US market, but this anthology shows how the rest of the world has just as much to offer within this genre, and it really highlights some brilliant, fantastic voices.

Black Dogs, Black Tales

Another one to check out if you’re a horror fan. This really is an excellent anthology, and it gave me a lot of comfort right at the start of all this pandemic business. (Spring/Summer 2020 feels like such a long time ago now) These are short stories where the dog doesn’t die, plus it’s a charity anthology raising money for an excellent cause.

Bodies Full of Burning

A fantastic anthology put together by Nicole M. Wolverton, these 16 stories focus on ‘the change’, with a wide range of voices. I had a bad run of anthology reading prior to this, and it was great to pick one up where it was consistently good.

So there we go! 5 excellent anthologies to sink your teeth into if you enjoy short stories. Yes, they are heavily horror at the moment, because to be honest I’ve read quite a few horror anthologies over the last couple of years. I’m always looking out for more anthologies though, so if you have any recommendations (in any genre!) feel free to let me know!

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