Coming Up on Divination Hollow

For those who aren’t aware – though really I do talk about it enough – I co-run the horror and dark fiction site, Divination Hollow. And do we have some exciting things coming up in the next few months! So I thought I’d just take a moment to talk about that and of course with the website we’re always accepting guest posts, whether it’s for our special events months or outside. Just check it out for details if you’re interested.

This week, we currently have a promo week featuring Joanne Askew’s fantastic novella, SLOTH. You can find out more about Joanne on her author website here, but this is definitely a story you’ll want to check out. Her writing is honestly fantastic and she has a talent for putting very real, relatable people in strange circumstances. Not that they’re unrealistic. From her bio – “She explores mental health issues, sexual identity, femininity and neurodiversity through speculative fiction.” and having been Jo’s go-to editor for a while now, I can definitely confirm that is all true.

In February, we are running special features for Black History Month – the open call for this is currently closed, but if you are interested in sending us a review, article, listacle, interview or anything else that comes to mind, you can do so by sending it to dhrfeatures[@]gmail[.]com – at this point we can’t guarantee to run it in Feb, but again we’re happy hosting guest content all year round.

Then coming up in March we have the return of our Women in Horror Month events! Some exciting things coming up with that and more details are on our open calls page. Traditionally, WIHM has taken place in February, but after discussions last year about WIHM clashing with the US’ Black History Month, we decided to move WIHM to March, matching up with International Women’s Day.

And of course keep an eye out for our Pride in Horror Month event which runs throughout June – like our other events we will have open calls up for that too, and we absolutely love getting the chance to showcase all kinds of creators throughout June. We always strive to do this year round anyway, but for myself and Ellen, Pride is something we feel passionate about and love doing, and it was the first full event the pair of us did together on the website!

So there we have it, just a few of our events. And of course we have plenty of content to hopefully keep you entertained throughout the year, and if you want to participate – submit an arc or guest post or just have any questions about getting involved, you can always reach out via Twitter (@elleturpitt or @DivinationBlog) or on the email address noted above.

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