Graphic Novel Review: Doctor Who – Voyager

Publisher: Panini
Release Date: May 4th, 2017
Genre: Sci-Fi/Media Tie-In

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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This was an interesting one.

This is the third instalment of the Doctor Who Collected Comics, and so far they’ve been okay. This one, luckily, I really enjoyed, and found pretty entertaining. The storylines are a touch more weird, a bit heavier with horror elements, and you have the added entertainment of the Doctor’s companion being a penguin (well, a shapeshifting alien who quite likes the penguin form, anyway).

Luckily, Frobisher gives some truly good moments to prevent the comics being darker. The first half of the collection is really solid, with some Cosmic Horror vibes to it as our Doctor confronts a madman Time Lord. The adventures take them to some pretty interesting places, and it really gave the collection a lot of strength needed to sustain it through the second half.

Once the Voyager storyline was complete, the stories were still entertaining but not as interesting as Voyager. They feel more like ‘standard’ Doctor Who comic adventures by this point, but we do get appearances from Peri in the second half.

The Voyager story is dark and twisted, really drawing you in as well as giving the reader the chance to get to know Frobisher and get a handle on the type of character he is. It works really well, but the last few stories make things feel a bit more crowded and jumpy.

Overall though I did really like this fourth instalment of the collected comics, and it might actually be my favourite so far. The Sixth Doctor has his adventures, and when this one ended I felt keen to start the next one. Always a good sign.

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