Blogtober Day 2: Lucifer

I started watching Lucifer shortly before The Sandman came out on Netflix – it wasn’t intentional, it had just been sitting on my ‘want to watch’ for such a long time, and once I’d finished what I was watching before that, I realised Lucifer was finally available into it’s entirety to watch on Netflix, compared to when I went to watch it before and Season 1 wasn’t available, annoyingly. But it’s now all on Netflix UK and I highly recommend the show, and figured it would be fun to rave about it on here for Blogtober.

I love a good supernatural procedural, and Lucifer really hit a very sweet spot for me. Focusing on the titular devil himself, Lucifer is the story of the devil moving to Los Angeles, and forming his own life there. The characters are based on the same characters shown in The Sandman (specifically Lucifer and Maze), but this is a different take on the character. Lucifer owns a nightclub, and he specialises in desire. He’s rich, attractive, and able to charm his way in and out of almost any situation. Until he becomes involved in a murder investigation and meets Chloe Decker, a police detective.

Crime solving devil…

There’s a fairly long will-they-won’t-they with these two, but by only a few episodes in I was totally hooked. They have absolutely great chemistry and bounce off each other really well, and it’s so fun to see the ways they interact and change each other. I loved that Chloe’s a mum, too, co-parenting with her ex, Dan, who Lucifer…isn’t a big fan of (the feeling’s mutual). Lucifer becomes a consultant for the LAPD, all the while declaring himself as Lucifer Morningstar, aka The Devil, but no one actually believes him because, well, it’s LA, and he’s eccentric.

The rest of the cast are also pretty damn great, and it didn’t feel like there was a character in the long term characters to dislike (except Dan, sometimes, occasionally…). I loved the friendship between Chloe and Dan, Linda is a fantastic therapist who ‘treats’ Lucifer though rarely (it feels like) gets through to him. Amenadiel’s brotherly concern over Lucifer is great, and I loved the way his character grew throughout it all. There are others, but my favourite of them all is the best demon torturer hell has ever seen – Mazikeen, aka Maze, who all too often totally stole the show.

Find me a more badass demon…

Oddly, there are two elements this show kind of shares with another ‘I should have watched long ago but only recently watched TV show’ – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

In very different ways, both shows love music – it’s utilized really well in on-screen numbers, with Tom Ellis often providing vocals in Lucifer, usually performing in Lux or elsewhere. It’s a really nice touch, and great when other characters get involved. Secondly – the representation. Specifically, bi/pan rep. None of the characters explicitly say “I am x”, but Lucifer and Maze both casually mention sleeping with men and women, and really give no extra thoughts to it. It’s not a plot point, it’s not a big deal, it’s just who these characters are and it’s really great to see.

Anyone else get Heroes vibes from this?

This is all without getting into characters introduced in later seasons, who blend in really well and quickly become beloved characters. Honestly, I had so much fun watching this, was totally hooked, and always excited to find out what was going to happen next. If you’re a fan of the supernatural/urban fantasy type shows, this is definitely worth your time.

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