Blogtober Day 20: Paranormal

One suggestion over at Owl Book World for Blogtober was Paranormal books – specifically, non-horror paranormal books. As someone who loves reading paranormal stories in any genre – especially Romance – I thought this was a great idea! October isn’t just for Horror, after all, and sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to curl up with a good paranormal book when the nights get cold, and lose yourself in another world that doesn’t contain the darkness of horror. That’s not to say there aren’t horror elements in these books too, but they tend to verge away from that a little.

Paranormal Books

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling


This book was so much fun! It’s not quite Paranormal Romance as such, but it’s a Romance with Paranormal elements – in this case witches – and it works so well. It’s a really fun, funny book, and EXCUSE ME THE HERO IS WELSH? It’s not often we actually get to see ourselves like that! I have the second book on my NetGalley TBR and I’m really hoping I get to it soon!

Becoming Human by Holly Gray


Becoming Human is a wonderful Paranormal Romance about Jack, a human, who ends up guarding and protecting Marin, a kind, gentle woman with strange powers Jack doesn’t quite understand. If you like grumpy and sunshine pairings, this one is really a whole lot of fun, and I loved the chemistry between the two women.

Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet


I will die on this hill: Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet is pure Paranormal Romance. You’ve got all the elements that make a good paranormal romance, you have the hero who sets out on a task only to fall in love with said task and realise he cannot fulfil the original mission he set out to do because he (gasp) loves the woman he’s supposed to hand over. Yes, it’s kind of Shrek-meets-Paranormal-Romance, but honestly I love this so much, and I think it’s gotta rank as my favourite Deadpool graphic novel now. If I ever meet Ryan Reynolds, I think I pretty much need to beg him to turn this into a film because OMG it would be so much fun!

So if you want to read something with a darker tinge this October but aren’t a big Horror fan, Paranormal is definitely a good genre to check out! And of course let me know if you’ve read these, or if you have any recommendations for other paranormal books.

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