The Fae Book Tag

I have been meaning to get to this for so, so long! The prompts look really fun, so this should be an interesting tag! Thank you to Becky at Becky’s Book Blog for tagging me, and thanks to Jordyn Reads for creating this tag!


  • Give credit to the creator of this tag – Jordyn Reads
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  • And most importantly, have fun!

A FAERIE BARGAIN: Pick a book in which a character makes a bad deal / is blackmailed.

The series that comes straight to mind when it comes to bad deals and blackmail is, fittingly enough with the name of the tag, the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black, but especially The Wicked King, with the way Jude has to navigate the deals with the fae while keeping Cardan under control.

CHANGELING: Pick a book in which a character is dropped into a new world.

L.L. McKinney’s A Blade So Black fits this really well – Alice crosses back and forth between Wonderland and Atlanta, and although she has been to Wonderland prior to the start of the story, in the novel itself we see her going in deeper than she ever has before.


WINGS OR MAGIC: Pick one or the other, and list three favourite books that include characters with that trait.

Magic! I love characters with magic, and it opens up so many possibilities for, well, everything! Books: The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling, Cursed in Love by Zoe Ashwood, and Becoming Crone by Lydia M. Hawke.

Becoming Crone Review

ANIMAL COMPANIONS: Pick a book in which there is a talking animal

My mind instantly went to Witch, Cat, and Cobb by J.K. Pendragon, which is an absolutely delightful Fantasy novella you should pick up if you haven’t yet.


FATED MATES: Pick a book in which there is a mating bond / Pick a book with true love in it.

Even though I’ve read a few of these types of books I’m struggling to think of one off the top of my head. There is Knock Down Dragon Out, which was a decent book but just not for me. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘fated mates’ so far.


THE SPRING COURT: Pick a book in which plants feature a large role.

Well, it’s got to be the brilliant This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron, in which Briseis has a special gift with plants.


THE SUMMER COURT: Pick a book in which the ocean or a body of water features a large role

I can’t help but immediately think of Our Bloody Pearl, by D.N. Bryn. A siren is captured by a ruthless pirate, and forges new connections with humans. It’s a wonderful adult fantasy and I really loved it.


THE AUTUMN COURT: Pick a book in which fire plays a large role.

Isabel Ibañez’s Together We Burn. The cover itself shows a lot of stuff centred around fire, and of course there’s the title itself. Plus this is a really good YA Fantasy.


THE WINTER COURT: Pick a book in which a character almost freezes to death

Crawl by Edward Lorn. This is absolutely a story of survival, and though not quite my cup of tea, listening to it did make me feel very chilly. If you like survival stories, definitely check this one out.


As usual with these tags I won’t tag anyone in particular, but if you want to give this one a go please do, just let me know so I can read your answers, too.


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