The Cake Flavoured Book Tag

I thought it was about time I dove into another Book Tag. I originally saw this over on Broken Geek, and definitely suggest checking them out! The questions look like lots of fun, so let’s dig in.

Chocolate – a dark book you loved

This was hard because, well, I love horror, so there’s often ‘dark’ books I loved, but Sister, Maiden, Monster is one of the most recent, and it’s a fantastic book. You can check out my review for it at Divination Hollow.

Vanilla – favourite light read

I’m really bad at picking ‘favourites’, but this is definitely one of the best light books I’ve read in a while! Take a Hint, Dani Brown was so much fun and I spent a lot of the listening time just grinning from ear to ear!


Red Velvet – a book that gave you mixed emotions

As a white, British, Welsh woman, it’s hard not to read Babel and feel mixed emotions – and Kuang does a brilliant job of acknowledging the Celtic countries and languages, and the way the English completely overlook them in the context of the novel because they’re not ‘exotic’ enough. It doesn’t mean the non-English areas of Britain are let off, though. Babel is a fantastic examination of colonisation through the use of language, as well as dealing with issues of class, race, gender…


Cheesecake – a book you’d recommend to everyone

This was such an entertaining, fun book to read but with some very real parallels to real life – it’s an excellent examination of transphobia, femininity, especially fragile white femininity, allyship and with elements of race, too, from a very British perspective and lens. Her Majesty’s Royal Coven is about a group of witches, who have grown apart since a recent war. It makes for great reading and I highly recommend it.


Coffee – a book you started but never finished

I really did try with Les Miserables, but struggled to get past the first few chapters. I want to try again someday, and I have looked at getting the audiobook but it’s just so incredibly long. I actually have physical copies of this, in two volumes. It’s quite intimidating, isn’t it?

Carrot – a book with great writing

Take My Hand contains beautiful and heart-breaking prose, and it’s one of those books that really utilizes the POV, giving just enough information through the main character that she doesn’t fully grasp the situations, but the reader recognises it all the same. I’m always impressed when a writer manages to do this so effectively.


As usual, if you tackle this one after seeing my answers, I’d love to see your picks for it – just drop your link in the comments and I’ll check it out! Now I feel quite peckish after all that…


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