Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol 1 [Books]

spiderman deadpoolFunny story behind this one. A long time ago, on a trip to Margate, the BF and I went into an awesome little comic book store. I picked up a few graphic novels, and through visiting various second hand bookshops in the area, a whole lot of new books. I’m still working my way through them all. But recently, I picked up the Spider-Man/Deadpool graphic novel, eager to sink in and read it.

And found out it was actually volume 2.

So I jumped online, found volume 1 and ordered that, went to start Sandman and realised I’d done the same thing (but got #3 instead!) so went and got volume 1 of that too and…

Honestly, this is why you Google these things while you’re in the shop, kids! (Also it would help if graphic novels – and fiction books! – could include a number, on the cover or spine. Or something! I know some do but please can this be more common)

Anyway! The review!

At the point this story starts, Deadpool is part of the Avengers, and because of his presence of the team, Spider-Man has opted out. But Deadpool wants to impress good old spidey, and prove to him he really has changed. The problem being, Deadpool has been hired to kill someone he believes to be an evil tyrant – Peter Parker.

I’ve read a few Deadpool graphic novels before – I especially loved Kills the Marvel Universe – and I always enjoy them. Deadpool here is a conflicted man, who wants so much to be seen as a good guy, but who doesn’t quite know how to go about it. He wants Spider-Man to help him, believing if he can get a ‘real’ hero to hang out with him, Spidey’s heroicness will rub off on him.

I really liked the storyline here, and of course the art is great. But here you see how Parker is trying to mimic his hero, Tony Stark. Parker is the head of a large company, and is trying to do what he can to help people through science, as well, but he’s struggling to act as CEO and spend time as Spider-Man. And he now has Deadpool to deal with.

Throughout, we – and Spider-Man – start to see another side to Deadpool, more than the merc with a mouth, and see how much DP really does care and want to do better. The relationship between the two is really interesting too, and comes across as natural, even when DP gets on Spidey’s nerves, and when DP tries to do something for the guy he wants as his best friend, only to see it backfire.

This graphic novel does a lot to deepen Deadpool’s character, and create an interesting relationship between the two characters. It makes sense to have them together, and their remarks and banter make this really enjoyable.

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