Graphic Novel Review: Spider-Man: Reign

by Kaare AndrewsPublisher: Marvel Comics GroupFormat: HardbackGenre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/SuperheroesRelease Date: April 25 2007Goodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars Related Reviews Spider-Man: Coming Home / Spider-Man/Deadpool Volume 1 / Volume 2 Ah, another 00s Marvel graphic novel that imagines the characters as darker and grittier. This one takes place in the future, where the fear of super terrorists hasContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Spider-Man: Reign”

Graphic Novel Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home

By J. Michael Straczynski (Writer)Publisher: Hachette Partworks LtdRelease Date: 2012Genre: Sci-Fi – SuperheroesGoodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars Review Something I really like about many of this Marvel graphic novels is you only really need a basic understanding of the character to pick up what’s happening. There might be stuff more long-term readers will appreciate, but asContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home”

Spider-Man/Deadpool, Volume 2: Side-Pieces [Books]

Genre: Graphic Novel – Superheroes Publisher: Marvel Rating: Volume 1 Review Side Pieces feels very, very different to Spider-Man/Deadpool Volume 1. Whereas 1 had an over-arching story, the two heroes bouncing off each other and forming a deeper friendship, Side Pieces, like the name, is more a collection of random stories featuring the two heroes, disconnected from oneContinue reading “Spider-Man/Deadpool, Volume 2: Side-Pieces [Books]”

Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol 1 [Books]

Funny story behind this one. A long time ago, on a trip to Margate, the BF and I went into an awesome little comic book store. I picked up a few graphic novels, and through visiting various second hand bookshops in the area, a whole lot of new books. I’m still working my way throughContinue reading “Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol 1 [Books]”