Spider-Man/Deadpool, Volume 2: Side-Pieces [Books]

spider man dp 2

Genre: Graphic Novel – Superheroes
Publisher: Marvel

Rating: starstarstarstar

Volume 1 Review

Side Pieces feels very, very different to Spider-Man/Deadpool Volume 1. Whereas 1 had an over-arching story, the two heroes bouncing off each other and forming a deeper friendship, Side Pieces, like the name, is more a collection of random stories featuring the two heroes, disconnected from one another.

Whereas volume one nicely balanced humour and heart, volume two relies heavily on the humour. It’s still good, it’s just doesn’t quite reach that five star mark for me. The first story had some honestly funny laugh out loud moments, as Deadpool and Spider-Man become involved in the creation of the new Deadpool film. It’s a bit off-beat, with no solid feeling this follows on from the events in the first volume, but again, it’s enjoyable.

There’s a fun Christmas story where Deadpool and Spider-Man go up against a Santa Claus-lookalike, and Deadpool is later kidnapped by a group of teenage girls, while Spider-Man is trying to save the world with the Avengers.

Compared to the first volume, the tales here are all relatively lighter. The comedy works really, really well, and it was fun getting to see a more comedic side to the two characters – the sort of humour and wit we’re more used to with both of them – but that extra spark was missing.

Still, this is a fun collection of adventures with two charming characters, and although maybe not as strong as the first volume, it’s still worth a read, and I’ll definitely check out volume 3 in the future.

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