The Sandman, Volume 2 – The Doll’s House

Volume 1 Review

Morpheus must track down four dreams which have escaped into the real world. While Rose Walker searches for her brother, and finds more questions than answers along the way.

The Doll’s House continues the story from The Sandman, and the second book adds even more detail to this already rich world, showing us not just more of how the dream world works, but more of the real living world, too, with characters just as quirky and strange as you’d expect from any story by Gaiman.

Morpheus searches for the missing dreams, while Rose finds herself in a house with some very odd inhabitants, indeed. I really liked the set up of the house, with stark differences between all the housemates, including a really strange couple, Barbie and Ken. They’re so weirdly normal, in a kind of Stepford Wives way, but Rose takes this all in her stride.

Rose is a great character to follow. A little naive at times, but sort of sweetly so, and trying to do the best she can, for the most part, in strange and often dangerous situations. One of my favourite sections of this focused on a ‘Cereal’ Convention, in which we meet a number of different serial killers, gathered together to discuss their ‘trade’.

Volume 2 adds more to the world, introduces new characters, and gives just a tiny inkling about what might happen next. It feels almost like it anchors the story, reinforcing the reasons to keep reading. I really enjoyed this one, and am keen to get to Volume 3.

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