Video Games: Hades

I was pondering what to write, but it occurred to me – just because this is a book blog, doesn’t mean I only have to talk about books! I didn’t even set out to be a ‘book blog’ as such – this was supposed to be a space for me to talk about anything I liked, and most of the time that happens to be books. But I bloody love a good game, too, so I thought, why not give myself space to talk about the games I really enjoy?

So today, I want to talk about one of my favourites. My good friend Regi was the one who really insisted I play this, and I have so much to thank her for. This is now definitely a comfort game for me, one I can slip into when I really need to focus on something completely different. Today, we are of course talking about the game HADES.

Try not to make Dad too angry, now…

I freaking love this game so much. I play it on Switch, so I can easily sit on the sofa and play while my BF is watching or playing something on the TV. When I first played, I honestly thought I wasn’t very good! I’d not played a game like this before, so I had to check with Regi.

“I keep dying!”

“You’re supposed to. Don’t worry!”

And so, I found that once I died, I was able to improve particular aspects, and carry on, getting a little bit further each and every time. The first time I completed a full run – and there were many ‘so close’ attempts prior to this – I was ecstatic. This game rewards you just for trying, and there were amazing moments when I got a bit further along than last time, too.

I feel like this is the type of game everyone can enjoy, whether you’re used to playing games on mobile or consoles, or whether you’ve picked up 100s of games in your life or just the 1. The gameplay is great, the story is compelling, and the characters, well, the characters are downright bloody brilliant.

They’re so much fun to play as and interact with, and there are really fun moments. There’s also a relationship aspect to the game, and it’s so enjoyable after suffering a death to run up to various inhabitants of Hades and have a nice chat.

Not to mention the amazing and extremely talented fan community! Seriously, if you’ve played this game but are yet to check out any of the fan-works, go do that now. There are amazing artists redesigning these characters and some absolutely brilliant fanfics on AO3! I’ve been having a lot of fun reading some of them, that’s for sure.

So HADES is an excellent, easy to play game, that always makes you feel like you’re achieving something even when you ‘fail’, with great characters and a fantastic friendly fan community. Really, what more could you ask for?

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