Book Review: That Could Be Enough – Alyssa Cola

Publisher: Seditious Sisters
Format: MOBI
Release Date: June 26th, 2018
Genre: Romance – Historical – LGBT+ (WLW)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The cover for this book popped up on my Twitter timeline, and as soon as I saw it and the title I had to grab it. Sapphic Romance with Hamilton references? Yes please! I freaking loved this novella, and coming in at just over an hour read time, I devoured it within a day.

Mercy works for Eliza Hamilton, assisting as she compiles information about her late husband, and attending interviews with the various people who knew him. Having been hurt in the past, Mercy is determined to stay away from any and all romantic entanglements. She has also stopped writing her poetry, unable to appreciate the beauty in life as she once used to. And who can’t relate to that? Mercy’s hurt runs deep, and Cole handles this beautifully. In such a short space of time we understand so much about Mercy, even if we don’t know every little thing about her life.

She remains closed off until Andromeda appears, ready to provide her grandfather’s stories about his experiences with Hamilton. Mercy is struck by the woman’s appearance, and we get a glimpse of the person she used to be. Andromeda is a businesswoman, running her own dress shop, and once she meets Mercy, she sees a challenge before her. The two clash in the best way possible.

To Mercy, Eliza’s need to catalogue and preserve her husband’s legacy is a detriment to her own life, and she initially feels love isn’t worth it. But Andromeda could be the woman to win her over.

It’s a pairing that works really well and is so wonderfully written, it’s hard not to root for a HEA for these two. And it was a delight to see Andromeda take Mercy to places Mercy really had no idea existed on her own doorstep.

This is such a wonderful, beautifully written book, with two excellent leads, and it was lovely to just lose myself in their story. There are some nice references to Hamilton, but nothing that was overbearing, and it really shows how love can heal someone. If you’re looking for something sweet and tender, full of joy (if a few moments of wanting to strange the leads!) That Could Be Enough is perfect.

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