Blogmas Day Two: My 2021 Festive Reads!

I don’t always get the chance to actually read Christmas themed books around Christmas, but this year has been different as I got approved for a few on NetGalley! I’ve been making my way through these, so for Day 2 of Blogmas I thought I’d discuss what I’ve been reading/am planning to read!

Currently Reading
Humbug – Amanda Radley

I’ve only just started this and am really enjoying it so far! Poor Ellie – she turns up for work one day as normal and suddenly her world is turned upside down! It’s definitely perfect for this time of year – the book starts in November, but Ellie is known as the ‘Christmas Girl’ and would definitely celebrate the festive season all year round if she could!

#TheLeftoverBride – Elodie Nowodazkij, The Truth About Elves – Ekta R. Garg

These are the two I’ve (so far) read. Reviews coming soon. I really enjoyed #TheLeftoverBride, but ultimately didn’t think much of The Truth About Elves. In both cases though, Christmas wasn’t a huge element of the plot, but they made for nice end of November reading anyway!

To Read

Christmas with Hamish – Sophie Penhaligon, Mistletoe at the Manor – Teresa F. Morgan, Christmas at Honeyford – Tanya Jean Russell

I’m really looking forward to digging into these, and hoping I can get to all three before Christmas! I just love their covers, and they definitely give me strong festive vibes!

Poppy’s Christmas Wishes

I was really excited to pick this one up but unfortunately I just couldn’t stick with it! And I really am not one to DNF – usually I don’t find it too laborious to make my way through a book – but with this one I just couldn’t do it. But who knows, maybe others out there will enjoy this and have better luck with it than I did!

So there we have it – my festive reads! I started reading Christmas themed books shortly after my birthday, and by now I am definitely in the Christmas mood. Look out for the reviews that will be coming up on the blog soon!

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