Blogmas Day One: Christmas Songs Tag!

I had so much fun doing my Hamilton Book Tag and when I was contemplating Blogmas and what I could do for it (and hopefully this will be more successful than my Blogtober efforts!) I thought a Christmas Songs Book Tag would be a lot of fun!

All I Want for Christmas Is You

A couple you can’t help but root for

The Ex Hex – Erin Sterling

Rhys and Vivienne start off as not getting on too well, thanks to Rhys breaking her heart years before and Vivienne ‘cursing’ him, and the curse kicks in once Rhys returns. This is a really fun read and I couldn’t help but completely love these two.

Fairytale of New York

Broken people who find each other

Iron Widow – Xiran Jay Zhao

I think a lot of my love for this book comes from the broken, flawed characters who help each other through their experiences. They’ve been hurt, and they look for ways to fix the world, no matter what they have to do to do it. They might not scream at and insult each other like the song, but they definitely come close near the beginning.

Please Come Home for Christmas

Going on a quest

Go the Distance – Jen Calonita

This sprung to the top of my mind with the word journey/quest. In this addition to the Disney Twisted Tales series, Meg has to travel to the underworld and back to become a goddess and join Herc in Olympus. It’s not my favourite of the series, but I really enjoyed it.

I Believe in Father Christmas

A grumpy and/or cynical main character

#TheLeftoverBride – Elodie Nowodazkij (review coming soon!)

Side-Note: I Believe in Father Christmas is my absolutely favourite Christmas song, ever. Luckily as a kid I never really listened to the lyrics properly…

Ryan is absolutely a grumpy git, though maybe not so much when he’s around Sorcha. Still, for a lot of this book I really couldn’t help but picture him as Roy Kent, and those comparisons are made in book later on, too.

So there we have it! Four songs and four books. I’m not tagging anyone specifically for this, but I’d encourage everyone to give it a go or pick some Christmas songs themselves – either way, if you do or have done similar I’d absolutely love to hear about it!

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