Blogmas Day Nine: Christmas Songs

There are two Christmas songs I absolutely love, that you won’t really hear on the radio in December, and which are unlikely to appear on many Christmas playlists. Still, I usually find some version of them to stick on, and today I thought I’d highlight these two as part of my Blogmas posts!

The 12 Days of Christmas – Straight No Chaser

This is an absolutely delightful version of 12 Days, with a lot of little surprises. This particular video is apparently the first time they performed it, but it’s available to stream through various platforms and I usually get a few plays in before the end of the Christmas period.

Christmas Is Here – Disney Christmas Parade, DLP

Because of course the other would be a Disney song! I might have a slight obsession with two of the DLP parade songs – this, and the autumn themed Vive La Vie. But this has a special place in my heart. I may have listened to it a fair bit before our trip in 2019, and it was amazing to hear the music kick in in the park as the parade started. I think the BF was exhausted by it (and my singing) by the end, but listening to this now always reminds me of that little holiday.

Are there any different/unusual songs you particularly enjoy this time of year?

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