Blogmas Day 24: The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Yep, I couldn’t resist. A few nights ago I decided to watch the sequel to The Princess Switch, which I wrote about previously. I absolutely could have (and probably should have) watched one of the other Christmas films I said I wanted to watch earlier this month, but ah well. There’s only so much time in the world and I really wanted to see what this sequel was like.

On paper, this film sounds a touch more convoluted than it actually is. At the end of the first film, we see Stacy marry Edward, and a hint that Kevin is going to propose to Margaret. However, the second film starts with the revelation that Kevin and Margaret have broken up, after her uncle dies and her cousin abdicates, leaving Margaret to ascend to the throne of Montenaro. But Stacy knows her two friends are destined to be together, and she sets about trying to find a way for them to reunite. Meanwhile, we meet Margaret’s cousin, Fiona, a third lookalike. Fiona is desperate for a payday, her family’s money nearly all gone, and she sets her sights on her soon-to-be-queen relative.

Stacy gets the idea to switch with Margaret again, to Margaret can spend time with Kevin and they can really discuss what happened to them. Meanwhile, Fiona intends to force Margaret into a switch, so she can be crowed as queen and wipe out the treasury before being discovered. Things are also complicated a little by Antonio, Margaret’s chief of staff, who fully believes Kevin isn’t good enough for the future queen. There’s also Stacy and Edward’s relationship to be considered, as Edward grows concerned they haven’t spent much time together since being married.

This film is so cheesy I absolutely loved it. But as well as that, there’s the fact that with this squeal, we get to see how not all relationships constantly flow easy. Kevin and Margaret have broken up due to pressures on her outside her control, but she also grows into the role she didn’t completely want previously, as at the end of the last film she declares she’s just a normal girl. That’s not to say her character completely changes, but she does grow, and becomes confident in herself.

There’s pressures on Edward and Stacy too, and poor Edward is left confused when Olivia tries to give him reasons to stay away from Stacy during the switch. But they work through it, and their love through the film is clear and sweet.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little cheesy and a lot of fun, you could do a lot worse than this sequel. Now, do I watch the third one this year, or hold off to next year? Tricky, tricky, tricky…

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