That Dreaded TBR #32

Another dive onto the Goodreads Want to Read, another glimpse into what kind of books I was interested in back in 2013. These books were all added during September 2013, probably from me looking over the recommendations with a strange hope I’d get to them all one day! Well, I definitely know better now.


Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5/10/however many books. If done again, start from where you left off.
Read the synopses of the books
Decide: should it stay or should it go?

Fortress Britain – Glynn James, Michael Stephen Fuchs

Zombies, military….Britain closes its borders when Zombie Apocalypse comes which we now know would never ever actually happen, would it? Or it would close for a few weeks then shrug and go “Well we can’t stay isolated.” This just seems like over the top macho fantasy – it’s called Fortress Britain but the group apparently make their way across to the States because God forbid something should actually focus on something outside the US, I guess? Even the blurb is making me angry! This is definitely a no.

Status: Gone

The Storycatcher – Ann Hite

This actually still speaks to me – it’s a Gothic novel in the American South during the depression, and the combination of elements makes it sound really intriguing. It’s not one I’ve really heard much about since, but I can picture myself enjoying this based on the blurb for sure.

Status: Keep

Written in Red – Anne Bishop

Paranormal, shapeshifters, romance…I am in! This one sounds so intriguing and I absolutely love that cover. I definitely want to give this one a go, and honestly I love stumbling across these paranormal series’, as I haven’t sunk my teeth into one for a while.

Status: Keep

The Dragon Factory – Jonathan Maberry

So this isn’t my usual type of book – as you can probably tell from the kind of books I’ve shifted off my TBR in these posts! BUT – I read Patient Zero and loved it, and Jonathan Maberry is such an excellent writer, quite frankly I’d be willing to pick up any book he’s written. Plus, well…I’m in an anthology with him. Far as I’m concerned, unless he ever proves me wrong, Maberry does everything right.

Status: Keep

Ghost Road Blues – Jonathan Maberry

I still want to read this. See above. Also this sounds like a lot of fun? In, you know, a horror kind of way. It has an absolute ton of elements I freaking love and, again, Maberry. BUT – whereas I’ll keep a sequel on my Want to Read, as it helps me keep track of a series, I feel like if it’s the same author, I don’t really need a reminder to check out more of their work, as I’ll look for that once I have finished reading a series of theirs. So this is still one I want to get to, but for now it goes.

Status: Gone

Well there we have it. Three remaining, two gone. We’re staying with September 2013 for a while it looks like, and it’s interesting to see the mix of books I was looking for at the time. I’m hoping soon I’ll get the chance to read some of the ones I decided to keep earlier on – once I get through some arcs, of course!

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