That Dreaded TBR #47

Another instalment of my Dreaded TBR series, clearing the books on my Want to Read shelf dependent on whether they still interest me or not, and sometimes being slightly baffled at some of past me’s decisions! So let’s get to it. Part 46 Rules Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.Order on ascending date added.Take theContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #47”

That Dreaded TBR #45

It’s that time again folks – five books from my very large Goodreads Want to Read shelf, and a chance for me to see if I am still interested in these or if they no longer sound intriguing to me. These books have been sitting on my Want to Read for ten years now, andContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #45”

That Dreaded TBR #44

Yep, time for another instalment! I assume most people are aware, but it is worth noting this is most usually Down the TBR Hole, but when I originally started doing it I…renamed it for my own little blog. Can’t even say why, but it kind of stuck for being my own version! Part 43 RulesContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #44”

That Dreaded TBR #43

Getting back into the swing of these. It’s so fun to go through and see what books still catch my interest and what I’ve…kind of gone off! The oldest book on my Want to Read is Under the Dome, which I do have here, so I’m going to try and work it into a readingContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #43”

That Dreaded TBR #42

It has been quite a while since I did one of these posts, and I think I need to do them more regularly this year! It is a good way to get my Goodreads Want to Read down, which I really need to do as at the moment it is a completely unmanageable list. SoContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #42”

That Dreaded TBR #41

Another Wednesday, and time for another Dreaded TBR post where I make small steps towards clearing my huge Goodreads Want to Read shelf (so big it’s glitchy!). At the moment we’re on books I added to my list in October 2013, and I’m curious what books were catching my interest back then. Rules Go toContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #41”

That Dreaded TBR #39

We are once more taking a look at my Goodreads Want to Read shelf, the early parts of which I’m privately calling the “Elle what were you thinking” period. We’ve seen the trends my past self was interested in, including so many zombie novels, and we’re not too far away from that in this week’sContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #39”

That Dreaded TBR #38

Back with another instalment as I try to reduce the books on my Want to Read shelf. For those who like numbers, as I have done this 37 times before, I have gone through 185 books. I have actually managed to remove 93 books – the first book on the list today is currently numberContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #38”

That Dreaded TBR #37

Another instalment of “Elle really needs to get the number on her Want to Read down”. Did you know Goodreads shelves get super buggy when you have too many books? Yeah, a long time ago, when I used to regularly check the recommendations because they were actually really good, I found something interesting: a bookContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #37”

That Dreaded TBR #36

Well let’s see how we do today, shall we? Maybe I can actually shift some of these books. For anyone interested, we’re still in September 2013, though coming to the end of that month now, at least! Originally saw this on Becky’s Book Blog, a long time ago. Part 35 Rules Go to your GoodreadsContinue reading “That Dreaded TBR #36”