Graphic Novel Review: Saga, Vol 7

Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: April 4th, 2017
Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I don’t really know how to put into words how much I freaking adore this series. Each instalment of the graphic novel leaves me feeling a little off balance, keen to carry on reading what happens but not wanting to put myself through more heartbreak. In Volume 7, Hazel and her family find themselves on a comet Wreath and Landfall have been fighting over for years. All they want to do is rest and recharge, and stay the hell away from any battles.

The art is as outstanding as always, beautifully capturing every single moment. The events…well, there are incredibly tense moments, incredibly heart-breaking moments, and moments that will make you want to tear it all to shreds and forget you’d ever read it (don’t do that. It’d be such a waste).

I read a fair few graphic novels, and do typically enjoy the hell out of them, but Saga remains extremely special. Something about the family relationship at the core, and the way it takes these different themes and ideas and ties them seamlessly together, as well as those moments that leave you truly breathless.

It feels like Saga has so many different elements I just love in the stuff I read – the focus on the family, the trauma, characters working through their issues side by side and yeah, often messing up, making mistakes and errors and doing the wrong thing because they thought it was right. Hazel is as adorable as always, we meet some new friends, and, well, I won’t say more than that.

I can’t recommend this series enough – it’s stunning, and wonderful, and gets under the skin. It’s hard not to love these characters, and not to feel for them, and not to be impacted by every ordeal they go through. So if that’s something you enjoy – which sounds so odd written down! – definitely pick this up.

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