Graphic Novel Review: Saga, Vol 7

Publisher: Image ComicsRelease Date: April 4th, 2017Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: 5/5 Stars I don’t really know how to put into words how much I freaking adore this series. Each instalment of the graphic novel leaves me feeling a little off balance, keen to carry on reading what happens but not wanting to put myself through moreContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Saga, Vol 7”

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Volume 1 [Books]

Can you tell I am absolutely loving Audible? I try to mix up what I get, and so far I’ve tried non-fiction, full cast, fiction single person narration, and now The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas. Having grown up in the UK, The Twilight Zone wasn’t something I had access to. Not long after we first got together, IContinue reading “The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Volume 1 [Books]”

Season of Wonder – Edited by Paula Guran

Season of Wonder is a winter holiday themed anthology, bringing together fantasy and science fiction stories centred around the darkest months. Christmas isn’t the only holiday contained in these stories, but it is the most prominent. Still, as a whole, I think this is a great festive read. The stories vary enough to give a littleContinue reading “Season of Wonder – Edited by Paula Guran”