That Dreaded TBR #40

Another trip to the Goodreads Want to Read shelf, now moving into books I added on there October 2013, when it seemed I was looking for books with a bite. Must have been something I was reading at the time, maybe?


Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5/10/however many books. If done again, start from where you left off.
Read the synopses of the books
Decide: should it stay or should it go?

Krimson – Thomas Emson

I truly don’t know how this ended up on my list, especially as the summary on Goodreads is practically non-existent, and it’s a sequel to a book I haven’t read. Maybe one day I’ll find myself reading book 1, and picking this up if I enjoy it, but based on the little information I have in front of me, I have no reason to keep this on the shelf.

Status: Gone

Bitten – Kelley Armstrong

I’m not totally sure about this. To be honest, I started watching the TV series, and it has all the elements I usually love, but the setup, acting and dialogue made me want to throw my remote at the TV. I kind of…forgot about it? But I’m not quite sure if I actually have this book lying around the house somewhere. I’m kind of on the fence, but for right now, I still want to check this out, if only to see how it compares with the adaptation. So, we’ll see.

Status: Keep

The Necromancer’s House – Christopher Buehlman

There isn’t much in this summary that makes me keen to read it. Some of it sounds kind of intriguing, but a lot about the MC just screams a bit cliché to me! I feel like I’ve seen this character in so many different situations already, I’m not overly keen on seeing this archetype again super soon. Maybe it’s one I’ll pick up eventually, but for now there’s not really anything that draws me in.

Status: Gone

Night Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko, Andrew Bromfield (Translator)

I read the summary and thought actually, yeah, this does sound like something I’d enjoy, but sometimes I think, especially with older books, it’s useful to peek at the reviews and check what more recent ones have said about the book, and in this instance…discussions about the author’s views on recent events means this goes off my list like, instantly. I just won’t waste my time on stuff like that anymore, there are plenty other better books to dig into instead.

Status: Gone

Every Dead Thing – John Connolly

Something I have learned over the years is I’m not the biggest Crime/Thriller fan, unless it comes with more paranormal/supernatural elements. There are the occasional ones I do enjoy, but I think with some authors I’d rather read something else they’ve done – if outside the genre – before diving into a crime series by them, and I know I have other John Connolly books on my Want to Read. Maybe they’ll stay, maybe they won’t, but this one doesn’t really grab me, though maybe I’ll pick it up if I do read his stuff another time and find I like it.

Status: Gone

Another 5 books and 4 more now removed from my Goodreads Want to Read shelf. I’m not making too bad progress on this, and it definitely feels like I’m removing more than I’m adding. If you’ve read any of these, do let me know, and whether you agree with my decisions on them or not.

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