Book Tag: Unforgettable Bookish Memories

Firstly, huge thanks to Ashlee at Books Are 42 for tagging me in this – Books Are 42 is a fantastic blog and well worth checking out! As noted in Ashlee’s post, the tag seems to have been created by Lisa at A Book Calls, a blog which unfortunately no longer exists.

No. 1: The First Book You Ever Read (or was read to you)

I have absolutely no idea the first book I read, or was read to me – I do remember a small handful of the books I was obsessed with when very young, however. One I can’t for the life of me remember the name, or even find it! I know it was about a puppy trying to cross a bridge, and his paw gets stuck, and the whole community comes to help him. There was another one I won as part of the local library’s summer reading, and I remember being chuffed to bits at getting to pick out a book – I chose one about a mother cat and her kittens, and I can vaguely remember the cover.

As for ones I do remember the titles of – I also adored Once There Were Giants, The Rainbow Fish, and We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.

No 2: The First Book You Ever Bought With Your Own Money

Again, I’m not entirely sure with this – I had a lot of books gifted to me as a kid and relied on the library a lot! What I do have a clear memory of however is winning some award at school and being presented with a book voucher, which I clutched in my hands and took to Waterstones, and purchased The Little White Horse. It was a book I really loved, too, and reread a few times after.

No 3: A Book You Stayed Up All Night Reading

Probably all of the Chronicles of Narnia books. I had all 7 as a boxset one Christmas, and couldn’t put them down! More books I definitely read over and over.

No 4: What Book or Series Will You Never Forget?

Ah, so many! So many especially from when I was younger that really hooked me into reading. But at the top of my mind…it’s going to be Chronicles of Narnia again. Honestly, that boxset kept me up so many late nights.

No 5: A Book You Frequently Think About

If we’re going with recent reads I keep thinking about – Babel, definitely. As for older ones…probably Interview With the Vampire, which had a huge influence on me when I was younger.

No 6: A Scene That Has Haunted You for Years After Reading It

One book that has multiple haunting scenes for me is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Something about it really stuck to me, and towards the end when things start to come together…reading it felt like being punched in the gut over and over. Second to this is the shooting of Khalil in The Hate U Give. Unfortunately it’s something we’ve seen over and over, and it’s realism aids the impact.

No 7: An Unforgettable Character

Oh, so many! There’s The Vampire Chronicles‘ Lestat, of course, not to mention Louis. Roland, The Gunslinger, from The Dark Tower. Viola in A Lady for a Duke, or Judith and the Earl in Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck. Zetian in Iron Widow is completely unforgettable, as are Kell and Lila in the Shades of Magic series, and Rin in The Poppy War…I really could go on!

No 8: A Book That Changed Your Opinion About Something

Pride and Prejudice changed my mind on Austen! Prior to reading it, I’d only read Emma and that was for English, and I really, really didn’t like it! I found it incredibly dull, and struggled to get through it. Being vocal about my dislike of Austen, a friend shoved P&P into my hand and insisted I read it. I did, and found it hilarious and wonderful.

No 9: Share a Random Bookish Memory

Coming home on the train from Hull, I’d started reading The Hunger Games because so many people were telling me I’d enjoy them. I finished the first book just as the train pulled into Manchester, then headed straight to WHSmith’s and picked up the next two in one of their buy one get one half price deals. I’d finished the next book before the train got into Cardiff, and the final one either before going back to Hull or on the train back.

Again, big thanks to Ashlee. This was so much fun to do and great to dig in and try to remember some of these! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and if you want to share some bookish memories, feel free to do so in the comments or have a go with the tag.


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