Blogtober Day 14: Werewolf by Night

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a bit of a Marvel fan. I love the MCU, and I love reading the graphic novels when I can – as you can likely tell from my various reviews. So I was really excited to see Werewolf by Night pop up on Disney+, and let me tell you, this makes for absolutely great Halloween viewing.

I’m only vaguely familiar with Elsa Bloodstone as a character, but this is the type of thing where you don’t need to know anything about Marvel or the comics before diving in, and actually it works really well even if you have no interest in Marvel.

Halloween often feels like a great time to dig into more cheesy or older horror, to watch the old black and white monster movies, and for that, Werewolf by Night fits in absolutely wonderfully.

One thing that really stood out was the way they really took inspiration from classic movies, even mimicking shots that focus on eyes, on keeping the effects fairly low budget (or looking low budget).

A group of monster hunters gather to pay respects to their former leader, and compete to see who will next take over. Among the hunters are Jack Russell and Elsa Bloodstone, who during the night forge an unlikely alliance.

Because this TV special is so short (less than an hour), it’s hard to go into more detail without giving anything away. But I will say if you enjoy horror and appreciate what horror can do on a basic level, you will want to check this out. At one point near the end I was grinning from ear to ear, feeling absolutely thrilled at the direction it had gone and what I was seeing on screen.

Here’s hoping Werewolf by Night proves a success, and Disney give us more Marvel-Horror offerings, as the Marvel comics are absolutely full of possible inspirations.


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