Blogmas Day 19: Falling for Christmas

Of course I had to watch this one this year, especially with the build up leading to it – the trailers made it look like a lot of silly festive fun, and silly festive fun is exactly what was delivered.

Firstly, it’s great to see Lohan on screen again, in a really fun role. Not to mention Chord Overstreet in a Netflix Christmas movie lead. An absolutely great pairing, and they bounced off each other really well, nailing those sweet, tender moments we watch these movies for alongside some of the lighter, comedic touches.

Sierra is a spoiled heiress with absolutely no interest in becoming “vice president of atmosphere” at her father’s luxury ski resort. After her boyfriend Tad proposes to her on a trip up the mountains, Sierra falls, hits her head, and is knocked unconscious. She’s found by the owner of a small B and B, Northstar Lodge, Jake Russell.

Jake is of course the local man beloved by the community, and in the shadow of the luxury resort, his Northstar Lodge is struggling. He’s also a single father (is it just me or is that becoming more common in these films?) and all-around Great Guy, considerate and thoughtful, especially in contrast to influencer Tad, who is completely lost in the wilderness but soon makes a new friend who, very sweetly, takes care of him.

Yes, we get Santa in this, too

We see Sierra go from woman who can’t do anything for herself to a domestic goddess (almost), with the help of Jake and his family. And they’re so lovely about it. I was expecting some “seriously what is wrong with you” moments from Jake, but instead he helps guide her and teach her, and it’s clear even when she does things wrong he appreciates the help around the lodge and her presence.

Of course there’s a mystery old man with white hair and beard who has a slight hand in things, giving this film an extra layer of Christmas cheese. Honestly, it’s a really lovely film, very heart-warming, and with the tropes and trappings we love at this time of the year.


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