Blogmas Day 19: Falling for Christmas

Of course I had to watch this one this year, especially with the build up leading to it – the trailers made it look like a lot of silly festive fun, and silly festive fun is exactly what was delivered. Firstly, it’s great to see Lohan on screen again, in a really fun role. NotContinue reading “Blogmas Day 19: Falling for Christmas”

Blogmas Day 15: Spirited

This film immediately made it into my “watch every year” list. Spirited is a musical comedy, starring Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer and more. Ferrell plays the Ghost of Christmas Present, on the verge of retirement, becomes determined to redeem Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds), an apparently ‘unredeemable’ man. But Present still hasn’t come toContinue reading “Blogmas Day 15: Spirited”

Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Films I Want to Watch

I really had fun looking at the different Christmas films last year, and did a Festive Films list, which actually really helped me, as I am terrible at deciding what to watch in the moment so it’s useful to have a list of what I’ve seen and think yes, that looks fun! There’s only oneContinue reading “Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Films I Want to Watch”