That Dreaded TBR #42

It has been quite a while since I did one of these posts, and I think I need to do them more regularly this year! It is a good way to get my Goodreads Want to Read down, which I really need to do as at the moment it is a completely unmanageable list. So let’s see how we get on this week…

Part 41


Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5/10/however many books. If done again, start from where you left off.
Read the synopses of the books
Decide: should it stay or should it go?

Bronze Gods
A.A. Aguirre

For starters, I absolutely love that cover. This book actually sounds really fun, and I love the way the dynamic between the two characters sounds. Steampunk Urban Fantasy from 2013, so it’s a little bit of a risk, but one I’m willing to take. I definitely don’t read much Steampunk, so maybe this will be lure me deeper into it as a subgenre.

Status: Keep

Tooth and Nail
Craig DiLouie

Let’s do a checklist, shall we? Rabies-like virus – Check. Victims become violent – Check. Military involvement – Check. Military group making their way across X – Check. -to reach a cure – Check! And lastly – clearly a zombie novel but no zombies mentioned in the blurb. Check – we have Bingo! Honestly if I could go back in time to my past self, I would very sternly tell her not to add all these virus/zombie novels because I really have no interest in reading them anymore. They were part of a huge fad that lead to a wave of copycat books, and there’s much more interesting takes on the undead out there.

Status: Gone

The Butcher Boy
Patrick McCabe

This book just doesn’t interest me at all. It has some intriguing elements but I really really really don’t think it would hold my attention. I’m not the biggest fan of Crime anyway, and this seems to fall under that intersection between Crime and Horror, so I’m going to pass on this one.

Status: Gone

In the Woods
Tana French

Sounds like it could be interesting but I definitely recognise this kind of plot – mysterious thing happens to kid, kid grows up, has a case similar to their own. It’s been a thing for a while, and though I don’t doubt this book handles it well, like I said above, I’m just not as interested in Crime as I used to be. Maybe I will check it out eventually, but it’s low priority.

Status: Gone

House of Splendid Isolation
Edna O’Brien

I must have been on an Irish literature kick back in October 2013. Like the previous two though, this one doesn’t quite grab me. The reviews are all really positive, and I have no doubt this is likely a really good book, just not quite for me.

Status: Gone

I’m really happy with getting rid of four more books on my Want to Read. It’s not a lot compared to how many are on there, but as that supermarket says, every little helps.


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