Book Review: The Rose Kiss by Esme Rome

Publisher: Parako PressFormat: ebookRelease Date: May 1st, 2021Genre: Romantic FantasyGoodreads Rating: 2/5 Stars Review I admit I was really looking forward to finally reading this one after it’s sat on my virtual shelf for so long. Romance? Beauty and the Beast? A curse in a Historical Fantasy setting? All things very much right up myContinue reading “Book Review: The Rose Kiss by Esme Rome”

Book Review: The Legend of a Rogue by Darcy Burke

Publisher: Darcy Burke PublishingFormat: ebookRelease Date: December 1st, 2020Genre: Historical RomanceGoodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars What a fun novella! The Legend of a Rogue is a prequel to Darcy Burke’s Legendary Rogues series, which I wasn’t aware of when I originally picked it up. It being a prequel didn’t dampen my enjoyment at all, and hasContinue reading “Book Review: The Legend of a Rogue by Darcy Burke”

Spin The Dawn – Elizabeth Lim [Books]

Firstly, look at that cover. It is absolutely stunning, and I spent ages just looking at both before and after reading Spin The Dawn. This novel is the story of Maia, a young woman who wants to become the best tailor in the land. However, standing in the way is the fact she is a woman,Continue reading “Spin The Dawn – Elizabeth Lim [Books]”