Commute Annoyances

My work days tend to start and end the same way. Get on the train, crack open my book, lose myself in it for the next fifteen – twenty-five minutes, depending on whether or not the train randomly stops outside a station for a while.

There are many others who do the same thing as me, and I really wonder, do we share the same annoyances? Because there are plenty of things I see people doing all the time that makes me cringe. But I’m British so I won’t say anything, or do anything, maybe just glare passively at them when they’re not looking…

Two of my biggest pet peeves on the train are people who put their bag on the seat next to them, and people who sit on the aisle seat, both even more infuriating when the train is busy.

But there is one thing above all others that really puzzles me.

There is such thing as train etiquette – you let people get off the train before you get on, you make sure there’s enough room for them to actually get off and move to the stairs/lift. And you patiently wait for your turn to get on.

What I really don’t understand are the people who almost push to get to the front, who slide in front of others patiently waiting their turn or barge on…so they can stand, near the door, and get off at the following stop. All of those things are annoying (and damn rude) anyway, even if they’re doing it to get a seat, but then they just stand in the way. Would it not make more sense, if they’re going to stand anyway, to just wait and get on last? Why do they still have to be first? And insist on getting in the way of everyone else?

What I’m really asking here is what is wrong with these people? Are their lives so devoid of anything good that getting on a train first counts as a victory for the day? Or are they just unable to actually see anyone else around them, and think it is their right to do whatever the damn they please? And yes, this does get me riled up. And I think within good reason. Like I said, I have seen some of these people barge others out of the way to get onto the train first. I’ve gone to step on a train only to have someone shove past me and in some cases…just stand there.

If you do this, stop. Please, just stop. You’re hated, by everyone, who just wants to get on a train, sit down and go home without any fuss. Okay?


Rant over.


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