Blogtober Day Seven: Reading Snacks

Blogtober_ Day Seven

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Challenge List – Anniek’s Library 

I don’t tend to really snack when reading, probably because I usually read when I’m in bed, or in work while I’m eating lunch. I also don’t really snack at home. I snack at work, and it’s usually just a packet of crisps or some chocolate, and I snack at lot at the BF’s when I’m playing video games, but not usually outside of that. But I can think of what sort of snacks I’d enjoy if I was settling in and planning on reading for a good few hours.

For reading, I think a hot drink is best, especially on a cold, crisp night. Hot chocolate, or perhaps my favourite – a flavoured latte. (Not even kidding, Greggs do an amazing caramel latte and McDonalds do a good toffee one – I prefer them over Costa and Starbucks!)

Some biscuits as well of course – I love chocolate covered biscuits, but some custard creams would also go nicely, just make sure you don’t get any crumbs on the pages!

And chocolate. My favourite chocolate is Galaxy, though honestly I love trying different kinds, as long as they don’t have nuts in! I also often tend to go through phases with different chocolates. My recent one was Dark Milk, which tastes amazing.

Cake! Of course. Cake is always good, whether it’s a simple Victoria Sponge, or a trifle cake which one of my colleagues makes (any cake she makes is just really, really good). Can’t beat a good slice of cake or a delicious cupcake.

Now, excuse me while I go raid the kitchen for some biscuits!

Do you snack while reading? What  are your favourite snacks?

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