Blogtober Day 4: Perfect Cosy Reading Nook

Blogtober Day FourDay One: Spooky TBR

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Challenge List – Anniek’s Library

I’ve always wanted a proper reading nook. It was one of those things I dreamed of as a kid, imagining a large landing in a big house, a huge bay window with a cushioned seat instead of a windowsill. Where I could look out on a large garden, and of course the seat would open, and it would be hollow so I would have somewhere to store the books I hadn’t yet read.

My dreams have changed a little as I’ve got older, but I still like to imagine the nice cosy reading spot I can one day call my own!

My perfect reading nook would be a corner, of course, with bookshelves either side, and a seat in the middle. Preferably something I can stretch out on. I’m very much used to reading laying down now, legs stretched out, so I would either need something like that or a big, comfy armchair and a footrest. A little table where I can put a reading lamp, and a dog-bed at my feet, for my future dog, of course! And maybe a curtain I can pull around the area, something that clearly says to everyone else DO NOT DISTURB.

A little extra wall space would be good too, so I could put up, maybe, full prints of my favourite book covers, or maybe some of my own book covers – or would that be too egotistical? Perhaps the covers of books I’ve edited would be best.

In all reality, one day I’ll probably end up with just a sofa to read on, or just keep reading in my bed. Though the amount of bookshelves I have is likely to grow!

What’s your perfect reading area?


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