Women in Horror Month


February marks Women in Horror month, when the Horror Community raise up the voices of women in horror, celebrating everything they stand for, whether it’s the characters we remember kicking ass, the creators working behind the scenes, the women writers who create dark, twisted stories that drag you deeply in.

This is the first year I’ve actively participated in Women in Horror Month. I’ve always tried to pay attention to it, noting books others were reading, adding them to my ever growing wishlist. But this year, things are different.

See, in 2019, I became a contributor for Dead Head Reviews, and more recently became a copy editor for them, too. A few months back, I asked Patrick if we planning anything for Women in Horror. At that point, we decided we definitely should do something, and a small spark of an idea has flared into a full raging fire.

Throughout February, Dead Head will be featuring articles, reviews, interviews and stories, all focusing on and/or created by Women in Horror. As copy editor, I’ve had the great pleasure of reading many of these, and I can tell you, they are bloody fantastic. I also put together a ‘Love Letter to Horror’ article, featuring the Dead Head Ladies, and personally, I am so proud of how it’s turned out.

There are so many reasons why Women in Horror month is important. Women have long been creators and consumers of horror, yet historically have been overlooked in these roles. Horror is a constant presence in our lives, even in the media aimed at little girls. If you don’t think there are some dark as hell moments in Disney, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

As we grow older, women from all walks of life face horror, in one form or another, in their every day lives. What woman doesn’t know the fear of walking down a street after sundown, and hearing footsteps behind them? Or the fear in a crowded bar, when a man starts talking to them and sometimes follows them back to their table, or outside, or are even waiting at the toilet door when they emerge. (Yes, that happened to me!)

Is it any wonder that even when they’re not creating Horror, women are often the focus?

Being a woman is dangerous. Danger and fear and horror are all part of it, and that’s without going deeper into the statistics and realities.

One thing, above all others, stands out to me as I read the articles appearing on Dead Head next month.  Women may live their lives in fear, but they take that, grabbing hold of the horror inflicted upon them, and they use it. They – we – turn it into a strength. The darkest parts of our lives are used to create amazing horror. The worst things we can imagine are brought to life, and through horror we find acceptance, and strength, and power.

Every single man I personally know in the horror community has been nothing but supportive regarding Women in Horror Month. Everyone – man and woman – has really come together, determined to make this month successful for all of us.

And I dare you to get through February without your TBR growing.

So, this February, check out Dead Head Reviews and the other horror sites. Read the articles and interviews and reviews, and read some work by amazing women in horror. Join us for the ride, cause I guarantee, it’s going to be a bloody good one.

DHR_WomenInHorrorMonth_FINALADJUSTMENTGraphics by the amazing, super talented @ImaginariumCS.

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