A Little About Me

Beta Reading

I like to do these posts now and then, especially for new followers who might not be aware of what I do outside this blog. And right now I’m caught up on my reviews so it seems like a fairly good time to ‘introduce’ myself, in a way.

As well as reading a lot, and reviewing books here, I also review, write and edit for Dead Head Reviews. I’ve been part of DHR since its inception, and have since become one of the admin team working hard on the site (alongside Ellen and Pat) and helping to run it, and have seen it grow into a platform that DHR-ICON-STACKEDcelebrates all things horror. We have really fun, exciting things planned for our first birthday month (August), so do check out the site.

Shortly before I joined Dead Head Reviews, I set up as a beta reader through Fiverr. I still have the service available, but I have expanded more into editing alongside this. So if you need feedback on your work – at any level, for any length from flash fiction to novels – you can have a look at the gigs I have here

Of course, if you’re already a published author and are instead hoping for a review of your work, you can check out my Review Policy.

Editing With WebsiteAlongside the Fiverr gigs, I also have a direct editing service, more details of which can be found on my editing website here. Through this, you can also submit a 500 word sample, to help ensure I am the right editor for you.

And of course, you can always direct questions or interact with me over at Twitter (@elleturpitt). I always like talking about writing, or the books I’ve read, or even taking recommendations for books, blogs, etc. So feel free to contact me, no matter what the query or what it is you need.

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