Death in Hollywood – Peter Underwood [Books]

death in hollywood

Death in Hollywood is a really interesting, fascinating set of mini-biographies, covering some of the most well-known names in Hollywood. There are also many names which would perhaps be unfamiliar to those who aren’t familiar with the ‘classics’ of Hollywood’s so-called Golden Age, but that’s part of what makes this book so intriguing.

This isn’t just about the deaths of these stars, although the chapters are separated by manner of death. Instead, Underwood goes through – briefly – their early lives, their entries into Hollywood, their loves, highs and lows. It’s detailed but not overly so, covering the important points without going too far off track.

I listened to the Audible version, and although it’s a lot of information to take in all at once, the narration still makes it enjoyable to absorb, even if, at times, the information can be a little emotional.

Not long ago, I listened to the The Secret History of Hollywood podcast series on Audible, and many of the stories in Death in Hollywood were familiar purely from that series, but it’s interesting the different tones in both when discussing certain stars, and the way Death – due to the format – skims over some, where Secret History was able to go into more depth. But honestly, if the book intrigues you, I definitely suggest checking out the podcast.

I’d recommend this to people interested in the older Hollywood celebrities, but who maybe don’t know a whole lot about them (like myself!). I can imagine someone with more knowledge of these people – how they both lived and died – would be a little bored by the information presented here. But I found it a really enjoyable audiobook, with lots of interesting information contained within.

Find out more about Peter Underwood and his books on his Goodreads page.

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