Why Autism Awareness is Essential

A really excellent post from Rebbie – I highly recommend checking out this explanation of why Autism Awareness is essential.

Rebbie Reviews

I recently got into it with someone about Autism Awareness vs Acceptance and I feel that needs touching on with some focus. It was suggested that Awareness centres a Neurotypical Experience over that of an Autistic Person and that Awareness does nothing for Autistic People. I could not disagree more.

All my life I have treated myself as a problem that needed to be solved, I’m not exaggerating. For as long as I can remember I have examined my every move, everyone I’ve ever been friends with has had their own specially tailored experience and the reason for that is that I was so desperate to be accepted, to be liked and to keep a friend that I altered as much as I could that that person might not like or appreciate.

See, I’m the awkward type, everything I do seems wrong, nothing ever quite fits. So I tried to…

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