Some of you may be aware that along with this blog, my own writing, and co-running Divination Hollow, I also do Freelance Editing. Through this, I’ve helped a number of authors polish and shine their work. You can find out more information at my website.

So as part of my editing service, I’m now also offering a newsletter. This will also contain any news I have to share on a writing front, subscriber only editing offers, a chance to be the first to hear of any editing sales, and anything relevant that’s going on with Divination Hollow. There will also be short sections of editing to demonstrate exactly what it is I do.

Of course, I want this newsletter to be a benefit to anyone who subscribes, so I’ll always be open to feedback and suggestions. But for now, if you would like to keep fully updated outside the blog or are interested in my editing services, please do consider signing up.

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