Blogtober Day 1: Why I Love Autumn

Rather than using one of the fantastic prompts for this first day of Blogtober, I thought I’d talk a bit instead about why Autumn is my favorite season! Autumn technically runs from mid/end September until mid-December, with winter starting just before Christmas. I do like winter too, but sometimes it’s just too cold, while autumn has that crisp cool air I do love.

Summer is too hot, Spring is like…the worst parts of all the seasons. Occasionally too cold and often too wet, and you never know what you’re going to get, so good luck making any plans for spring that require anything sort of outdoorsy.

I do like winter. I like snuggling down in thick PJs and a dressing gown, and at least just before Christmas I love the festive atmosphere in the air. But once you hit mid-January everything just gets a bit…harder, doesn’t it? It’s so dark and if you work, you tend to go to work in darkness and come home in darkness, and last year…well, the UK had a lockdown through the start of 2021, so it was particularly horrible. Maybe this year will be a little bit better, but we’ll see.

But autumn….autumn is fun. Some days might be a little warm but rarely too hot, while other days err more on cool than cold. It’s just the right temperature for dressing gowns at home and sweaters/jumpers/hoodies when out and about, and the different colours on the leaves look so pretty. There’s also a great satisfaction in the crunch of leaves when you’re outside.

Of course, there’s also the festive feeling in the air, not just as the holiday season approaches, but because autumn comes with the best days. There’s obviously Halloween at the end of October, and it’s fun to see people and businesses decorate for it, to see kids and pets and some adults too in costumes, not to mention the sweets and chocolate on offer!

If you’re in the UK, Halloween is followed pretty quickly by Bonfire Night. Remember, Remember, after all. I admit, I haven’t always liked fireworks – I have vivid memories of being scared of them as a kid, but now I completely love them (when done properly!). The air just feels like autumn, too, and if you do manage to attend an actual, properly put together display and/or bonfire, it’s really a lovely sight to see.

Mid-November is when things start to feel between autumn and winter. More shops start selling Christmas things, festive events pop up, and we’re reminded that Christmas is coming soon. And 12th November is my birthday! It might be why I have such fond memories of this time of year.

So yes, lots to love about autumn, and lots to look forward to as we enter October! What’s your favourite season?

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