Blogtober Day 8: AtmosFear

After I discussed the films I was scared of as a kid, something else popped into my head, something so utterly terrifying I refused to even enter the room when it was playing, and would hide behind the door in morbid fascination. My brothers were by no means even allowed to let me glimpse theContinue reading “Blogtober Day 8: AtmosFear”

Blogtober Day 3 : The Films That Scared Me

Like I said before, I’m not even aiming to do one post a day throughout October. I just don’t have time! But I am aiming to post more frequently and come up with some different ideas through this month. So today I want to talk about a few films – and one TV show –Continue reading “Blogtober Day 3 : The Films That Scared Me”

Blogtober Day 1: Why I Love Autumn

Rather than using one of the fantastic prompts for this first day of Blogtober, I thought I’d talk a bit instead about why Autumn is my favorite season! Autumn technically runs from mid/end September until mid-December, with winter starting just before Christmas. I do like winter too, but sometimes it’s just too cold, while autumnContinue reading “Blogtober Day 1: Why I Love Autumn”